Good Morning, Vegas

These are pictures taken of different areas around the Vegas Valley at sunrise so far in 2014

Sheppard AFB, TX Air Show, 1991

I found some old negatives in a box and scanned them. They’re pictures I took with a disposable camera while attending Tech School at Sheppard AFB, TX in the Fall of 1991.

Tango Down: The Last Flight of St. Nicholas

(This story isĀ inspired by this article in the Boston Globe about changes made to NORAD’s popular “Santa Tracker” program.) The jolly old elf known to many as “Kris Kringle” and to the United States government as “Threat Vector 19” crossed into American airspace at 0520 Zulu just north of Duluth, Minnesota. A pair of F-22…

Breaking Bad Finale

Awhile back, I revisited the finales of Battlestar Galactica and LOST, two shows which started out strong but concluded to mixed reviews or outright hostility by fans. Fortunately, the finale to Breaking BadĀ evaded that fate. If I have any criticism, it’s that it was too short. On the other hand, the last episode was more…

Mt Charleston Fire

Pictures from the Mt. Charleston Fire which burned from July 5-17, 2013 and filled the entire Vegas Valley with smoke and sometimes fine ash for a week. The fire burned nearly 30,000 acres.